Smart Little Beans

Smart Lil’ Beans is a nurturing and empowering program that encompasses overall human health and well-being for their bodies, mind and spirit.  Children are given an essential understanding of the amazing human body, having fun with healthy nutrition and the art of etiquette.

With the chance to explore, relate and create through demos and props our Smart Lil’ Beans are drawn into learning.   Creative Expression, Storytelling and Interactive Play keep the children excited about each new lesson.

 Smart Lil’ Beans gain self- confidence, shape a foundation for healthy life habits and the wisdom of balance for their whole being.  Each child is a beautiful, bright soul from God that possesses their own unique love and beauty.

The body heals with Play, the mind heals with Laughter and the spirit heals with Joy
— Proverb

About Dionne

Dionne Freeman is the Founder of Smart Lil’ Beans.  She is a Registered Nurse, wife and mother.  With humor, expertise and passion, Dionne creates the necessary environment for promoting healthy life-style choices to children through creative expression.

Through the Smart Lil’ Beans program she encourages lifelong healthy habits and empowers children with self-confidence.

 As director of Smart Lil’ Beans, Dionne will be teaching her program this spring in several schools in the Leander School District.  To view dates and times that this program is offered go to   To learn more, contact Dionne at

‘With Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions and Positive Feelings we can realign our Triad of Health and inspire our inner expression.’  -Dionne