Benefits of Meditation in Children

Meditation helps children in a variety of ways.  Through meditation, children can discover that there is so much more potential in their life.  Meditation helps reduce stress, improves behavior and attitude, improves focus, memory and concentration and heightens self-esteem while unleashing their inner peace.  Children really need a space where they can take time out to define and explore their True Self.  Meditation promotes true happiness that radiates from within.  You may wonder what the ideal age to begin meditation in children?  There is no ideal age, the earlier the better!

Are you asking yourself "how do I meditate with my child?" 

Start by making simple steps.  Lead by example. When your kids observe you in meditation, it sets a tone that children can learn from.

Employ creative meditation.  Set aside 10 minutes in the evening right before your child dozes off.  Simply help your child focus on deep belly breathing.  Inhaling and exhaling slowly, filling up the tummy completely and then letting it go. This will calm your little one's body and mind. Then ask your child to imagine breathing in calm and happy thoughts and breathing out anything unhappy that may have happened during the day. 

Enjoy being in the moment with her child. Your meditation can be as simple as that!  Meditation is an opportune time for bonding with your child!