Smart Little Beans Programs

The vision for a Smart Lil’ Bean is love, growth and harmony in their world


  • Lil' Bean Sprouts Program- Our Herb and Mindful Self Care Program. Children love nature!  Our Herb and Mindful Self Care Program weaves a tapestry of herbal love, meditation and mindful self care knowledge into each child.  It empowers them to observe and explore while inspiring and encouraging them with nature.  We live in an amazing world with an abundance of nutrition and healing through the plants.  Our program teaches children reverence and respect for plants along with their healing and mystical qualities.  I think it gives God great pleasure to see his children delighting in HIS creation.  Children are the best students when it comes to plants.  Just like children, all plants have importance and value>Lil' Bean Sprouts Page

                 MAGICAL LIL' BEANS PAGE

               MAGICAL LIL' BEANS PAGE

  • Magical Lil' Beans program – Children just love magic!  Childhood is magical and children can see magic everywhere because they know where to look for it.  All of us have magic inside of us, magic is believing in yourself!  Learning magic boost a child's confidence, self-esteem and social skills.  Magic is medicine!  It makes worries disappear and laughter appear!  Magic takes you on adventures and you don't even have to leave your seat!  Learning magic fosters self-discipline, an understanding of how other people think, and an ability to entertain.  Magical lessons teach math skills, logic skills, communication skills, dexterity, history, optical and auditory illusions and fool our senses and brains.'s just mysteriously magical! > Magical Lil' Beans Page

  • Healthy Lil' Beans - Children will be inspired with age appropriate independence for their choices regarding health, fitness and manners.  Our Healthy Lil’ Beans will show self-confidence and self-awareness in their lives as they learn to distinguish between healthy choices and unhealthy choices for their nutrition and exercise.  These tangible skills will be their platform to a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle. > Healthy Lil' Beans Page