Healthy Lil' Beans

The vision for a Healthy Lil’ Bean is love, growth and harmony in their world

Children will be inspired with age appropriate independence for their choices regarding health, fitness and manners.  Our Healthy Lil’ Beans will show self-confidence and self-awareness in their lives as they learn to distinguish between healthy choices and unhealthy choices for their nutrition and exercise.  These tangible skills will be their platform to a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle.



  • Clean Beans - Through enlightening and interactive games, puppet shows, and discussions, children will come to understand how germs are spread and gain the knowledge of daily practices to help in prevention.
  • Human Beings – Smart Lil’ Beans approach is to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary and inspirational. Children will create a human craft that will provide a fun visualization of the amazing human body.  Hands on tools, such as the stethoscope, will aid in their positive reception of the inner workings of their bodies.
  • Beaning Nutritious - Smart food choices will be explored.  Children will recognize ‘every day foods’ versus ‘sometimes foods’ by the use of charts, books, videos, games and crafts.
  • Jumping Beans - Exercise will be the hot topic in this class!   Children will evolve through this class after having a foundation of understanding of the human body.  They will quickly be aware of the positive effects that exercise has on the human body by performing fun exercises. 
  • Cool Beans – Children are nurtured to develop the desire they need to learn more about leading healthy and effective lives. They will come to understand food labels by collaborating with fellow classmates to sort foods into groups.  They will learn the value of the food pyramid and will have practice in packing a healthy lunch.
  • Smart Beans with Manners - The program will conclude with a course in etiquette through the creation of personal and social coherence.  They will practice proper place setting and table manners, along with phone etiquette.  Role-playing will be employed in an intrinsic, creative and interactive way that will clarify polite manners. This class will tie together all the concepts learned in the program so that the children are empowered to live a balanced and healthy life!