Lil' Bean Sprouts- Our Herb and Mindful Self Care Program. 

Children love nature!  Our Herb and Mindful Self Care Program weaves a tapestry of herbal love, meditation and mindful self care knowledge into each child.  It empowers them to observe and explore while inspiring and encouraging them with nature.  We live in an amazing world with an abundance of nutrition and healing through the plants.  Our program teaches children reverence and respect for plants along with their healing and mystical qualities.  I think it gives God great pleasure to see his children delighting in HIS creation.  Children are the best students when it comes to plants.  Just like children, all plants have importance and value!

"Children are one third of our population and all of our future; we must teach them well!"  Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health



Topics covered:

Garden Time Fun

This first class finds us in the garden.  There are so many wonders to discover and fun to be had in the garden.  Children will be introduced to plants and plant life cycles that give power and purpose and will be enlightened by their connection to the earth, body and mind.  Children will discover chamomile; a super friendly herb for kids.  Chamomile is gentle while being powerful at the same time.  Children love the apple like taste of the tea.  Chamomile potatoes create the tiniest of gardens in a potato!  We will become fabulous friends with fennel.  Fennel the wonderful tummy soother!  Kids will discover the fennel bulb, fennel tea, fennel candy and planting fennel babies!

Magical Faeries!

Kids love fairies and so do we!  We will visit the world of fae and go on a faerie fun adventure!  Children will receive a magical letter from the fairies which inspires imagination and wonder.  Unique fairy crafting will be very important along with fairy etiquette.  Children create and grow a magical fairy garden which becomes a place for children to talk to their imaginary friends and connect with nature. 

Herbs and Essential Oils

Herbs and essential oils are the pure and therapeutic elements of the plants made by God.  Peppermint, lavender and orange are amazing and are the most popular with kids.  Crafting will be the highlight since it is such a wonderful way for children to express themselves with herbs and essential oils along with being super fun!  Children explore how different smells affect our emotional state and make a lovely piece of artwork.  We create beautiful aromatic mandala's that fosters calmness and reflects on the beautiful parts inside oneself.  And certainly kids will explore tasty treats!

Mindful Self Care

Children will be embraced with the mindful practice of meditation inspired by the Peaceful Piggy Meditation book.  The fun and creativity continues with silly 'meditation friends' and 'sleepy time' sprintzers.  It is all about caring for your body inside and out with healthy choices.  Making your own body care makes it more exciting for kids to use!  Hands on stuffing of an herbal sock bath and molding a bathtub volcano-now that's fun!!  Foot soaks in a steamy blend of salts, herbs and essential oils for a nice peaceful soak.  It feels amazing!!

Wild Plants

It's the perfect time for an adventure, lovely little plants everywhere!  Dandelions grow pretty much everywhere and are beloved by children.  Like children they are strong and powerful!  Children will delight in expressing themselves with art by using the beautiful yellow flowers with stems attached as paint brushes.  Blow the seeds from a dandelion flower and dare to make a wish!  Mallow is an amazing little plant for kids because it is approachable and fun to play with!  The little seeds of Mallow look like cheese wheels and are called fairy cheeses!  These darling little cheeses, flowers and leaves make a great addition to a tea party for fairies to come and enjoy.  Lovely purple/pink red clover can be expected anywhere.  Holding a clover in your hand will give you "fairy sight" so you can see and talk with fairies!  Of course we can't forget about plantains!  Children will be able to identify plantains by their celery-like strings when the leaf is torn apart.  Plantains create a soothing, healing "fairy bandage."  The action of paper and crayon will bring out the shape of the plantain leaves and veins making a beautiful illustration of this healing plant.

Teas and Flowers

Teas are certainly a nourishing beverage option for children packed full of essential vitamins.  Kids sip on tasty herbal teas; a royal cozy tea party will be had by all.

Flowers warm the heart and nourish the soul.  There is a deep bind that exists between flowers and all humankind especially children!  Flowers express what we may not find the words to convey to the ones we love.  Children instinctively know the power and beauty of flowers!  Violets are sweet little purple flowers with vibrant green heart-shaped leaves. Children will be engaged in the makings of violet honey, candied violets and violet infused water.  Pull apart and cut into a tulip and children will discover all of it's fascinating parts

Can we teach children to look at a flower and see all that it represents: beauty, the health of an ecosystem, and the potential for healing?
— Richard Louv