Magical Lil' Beans Program

Children just love magic!  Childhood is magical and children can see magic everywhere because they know where to look for it.  All of us have magic inside of us, magic is believing in yourself!  Learning magic boost a child's confidence, self-esteem and social skills.  Magic is medicine!  It makes worries disappear and laughter appear!  Magic takes you on adventures and you don't even have to leave your seat!  Learning magic fosters self-discipline, an understanding of how other people think, and an ability to entertain.  Magical lessons teach math skills, logic skills, communication skills, dexterity, history, optical and auditory illusions and fool our senses and brains.'s just mysteriously magical!

The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper
— Eden Phillpotts

Topics Covered:

Introduction Day! 

What is magic?  When introducing magic to children the key is to demonstrate the trick first for kids so they experience that magical feeling. Then they will be excited to learn and show it off to their friends and family!  Children will quickly learn that magic is a self-esteem builder that inspires their creativity.
Craft :  Magicians Hat
Tricks: Optical Illusions, Magic Wand Tricks, Appearing Birthday Candle, The Dancing Fish, STARS!

Mind Reading Day! 

Read Someone's Mind!  These tricks encourage kids to enjoy doing math in their heads. When they see they can fool friends and family with these tricks they get very excited!
Craft: Card Craft
Tricks: Pick One And Touch It's Button, Pick A Card Any Card!

Carnival Day! 

Let's All Go To The Circus!  What is the Difference Between a Carnival and a Circus?
Children have an interaction about circuses of today and yesterday.  They learn amazingly fun tricks that have to do with Clowns, a Swami, the Strong Man and how to lose your money!
Craft: Circus Day Class Project (making and cutting loops)
Tricks: Swamdini Knows!, Circus Belts, The Strong Man,

Illusion Day!

Children are very excited about illusions and they have a lot of fun with them.  What is an illusion?  We have a handful of cool illusions to fool your mind and senses.  From growing fish, appearing and disappearing blocks, things that seem to spin on their own, giant bells inside spoons to vanishing rabbits.  Kids will go home with their hands full of goodies to show off!
Craft: Optical illusion handprints
Tricks: Is the hand quicker than the eye?,
Loop the loop, Spiral, Your Eye Has A Blind Spot, Nickel Appear, Optical Illusions, Appearing/Disappearing Blocks, A Fishy Story

Variety Arts/Puppet Day!

Mr. Fingers is a funny little puppet who shows off his tricks and ends up getting his treat.  One of children's favorite tricks!  Mr. Fingers keeps kids laughing and laughing. They all want to make him show off and have fun with Mr. Fingers!
Craft: Fuzzy Sticks
Tricks: It's Alive!  It Floats! Mr. Baggee, Rising Straw in a Bottle, Floating Asteroid, Floating Silverware

Graduation Day!

The day to be tested and show what they have learned from all the classes, classes full of fun and learning, learning without even realizing and it and becoming First Class Magicians and receiving their graduation magic wands and graduation certificate!
Craft: Magical Wands
Tricks: Tricks with Straw Wands
Each student to recite the three rules of magic.
Graduation Certificate

There is magic all around us!!

Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe